Indispensable accessories for your car for under $100

When it comes to cars and their accessories, owners find it daunting to purchase all the needed stuff to keep the car in good condition and invest a significant amount of money and effort on shopping and buying process. Initially, car owners rush to buy things like the best car vacuum cleaner, tool kit and spare tire, etc. however, they are not aware of other versatile accessories which are much more affordable. This post is going to introduce a list of those accessories that are under $100.

  1. Mpow’s Streambot FM Transmitter.

With only $36.99, you can now own a smart and user-friendly device to make free- hand calls and enjoy your music perfectly. This small but powerful device is recommended by car tech around the world.

  1. Pioneer’s MVH-X370BT Digital Media Stereo.

$79.99 is what you need to pay to get the music displayed on the iPhone, or iPod, Android phones, or a USB. The Pioneer’s MVH-X370BT Digital Media Stereo also features the built-in Bluetooth and the built-in amplifiers which make the sound merely authentic.

  1. WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion.

For those who often drive a long way, the WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion is an excellent investment to improve your comfortable driving experience. With only $59.99, this incredible soft gel can get rid of pain and paresthesia.

  1. Broadway’s 400-millimeter Type A Rear View Mirror.

At a surprisingly low price at $23.50, the broadway’s 400-millimeter Type A Rear View Mirror helps broaden your view and prevent blind spots at the same time. This device is easy to install and extremely useful when it comes to driving in narrow and crowded lanes.

  1. Optimum’s No Rinse Wash & Shine.

Of course, everyone wants to clean their vehicle quick and effortlessly without consuming much time, water and energy. A bottle of Optimum’s No Rinse Wash Shine is what you need to have your vehicle clean and clear in a blink of an eye. You will be surprised at the impressive cost: $15.99.

  1. OxGord’s Rubber Floor Mats.

When it comes to keeping the car floor from liquid accumulation and stagnation, the OxGord’s Rubber Floor Mats will be your best bet. You can get one at $19.95 on Amazon.

  1. AAA’s 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit.

With only $25.89 available on the Amazon, the AAA’s 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit is one of the indispensable and most affordable tools for every car on the long trip. You can have better security in bad situations with this kit behind the trunk. The AAA’s 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit includes versatile tools from a flashlight, batteries, safety vest to tape, shop cloth and storage bag.

  1. Zone Tech’s Steering Wheel Desk.

This desk is available at $17.99 on the Amazon. If you have to work on the move, now things are much easier with the Zone Tech’s Steering Wheel Desk which is designed for your convenience.

Concluding thought

Driving car for a long time is no longer a burden if you equip your car with these cheap but versatile tools and accessories above. With no more than $100, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience you deserve. This website is to give you expert tips and tricks on auto stuff. We hope that this post is useful and informative and would like to hear your thought.